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Providing Fire Retardant Clothing, Fire Control Products, & Consulting

Convoy Distribution Ltd. has been supplying; flame retardant clothing sales, consulting and certified services for fire retardant fabric treatments and flame control products to a wide variety of customers in the Vancouver, BC area, since 1965.

Fire Retardant Products
Vancouver BC's busy film industry (Hollywood North) is a regular customer of ours, as Convoy Distribution supplies them with: Pyrotect Innerwear, Pyrotect Fire Resistant coveralls / racing suits & safety harnesses, fire gel, Nomex® Underwear, protective Kevlar® blankets and more.

Flame Control for Fabrics
Convoy Distribution carries the SafeCoat brand of fire retardant fabric treatments, as well as their Stainguard product, which combines their fire retardant with a highly effective stain guard treatment.

Convoy can also provide consulting about all aspects of fire control & fire code requirements for your business or job site.

Our Fire Retardant Coatings website has more of our fire retardant products.

For more information please call 604-785-8055 or email


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